Automatic Screw Machine Maintenance Method

Automatic screw machine is used to replace the traditional hand-tightening machine. Manual screwing has high labor cost, long cycle, and slow time. Automatic screwdriver replaces manual labor, which not only improves production efficiency, but also tightens and tightens obviously. Automatic screw machine has become an essential industrial product in the era of mass production. . Next, I will bring you the maintenance method of automatic screw machine.

Due to the intelligence of the machinery, although the manufacturer promises lifetime maintenance and repair, our own daily maintenance is also very important.
1. Keep the surface clean and clean. When not in use, use an oiled cloth to wipe as much as possible, so as not to get wet or less.
2. Do not leave debris and other tools on the surface of the machine.
3. Keep the automatic screw machine ventilated and dry.
4. Regularly plug and vent the automatic screwdriver to check the performance.
5. Check frequently to prevent rodent damage and damage to tracheal wires, causing potential safety hazards and affecting future use.

Due to the intelligence and precision of its structure, if there are any problems in use or need to be repaired, please contact the manufacturer in time. Do not disassemble and install it by yourself. The efficient manufacturer can repair the automatic screw machine in time.
What is the maintenance of automatic screw machine? After listening to the unified introduction of the editor, I believe you have a general understanding of maintenance, protection and protection methods. There are many types of automatic screw machines, and the products on the market are uneven. Buyers need to understand the hardware composition and price standards of automatic screw machines. It is best to choose suppliers with long production time, leading technology, and reasonable prices. If you have the relevant wishes, welcome to pay attention to Junyou Automation.

Post time: 2020-04-23