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Automatic screw feeding machine, also known as automatic screw locking machine, automatic screw lock machine, industrial tightening system, etc., is an automatic device that uses automated mechanisms to replace the manual completion of screw picking, placing, and tightening. It can also be used for columns with slight changes The automatic assembly of small and large parts has been widely used abroad. At present, many domestic enterprises have very broad application prospects, mainly used in the production of auto parts, computers, display screens, motors, lamps, mobile phones, printers, circuit boards, batteries, The automatic assembly of instruments, etc., can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve reliability.

Application characteristics of automatic screw feed machine
It is divided into hand-held and multi-axis structures. The system automatically completes the screw feeding. The pneumatic or electric screwdriver completes the screw tightening in place. It is widely used and has the following application characteristics:

High reliability and stability;
Intelligent-continuous feeding, constant torque, optional counting function, anti-missing function, screw sliding teeth and floating lock detection;

Definition of automatic lock screw machine
Automatic lock screw machine is also called automatic lock screw machine, automatic screw machine, automatic screw machine, automatic screw machine, automatic screw fastening system, dll.
The best choice for improving work efficiency and productivity, and improving the work intensity of employees-automatic screw feed machine.

The screws are delivered and tightened in one go, and the screws are no longer taken by hand. Greatly improve production efficiency and save labor, as fast as you want to play. After each screw is screwed, the machine will automatically deliver it to the batch nozzle, eliminating the need to take the screw by hand. As long as it is directly aligned with the screw hole position, the screw is locked with a light press, which is convenient and fast. As fast as you want to play. Greatly improve work efficiency and save labor resources. The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the design is novel, small and light, it can be placed on the table and under the table, without any noise. It is mainly used in the assembly process of electronics, plastics, toys, electrical appliances and other industries.

Steps for automatic lock delivery
Step 1: Manually pour the screw into the bin of the feeding mechanism;
Step 2: The feeding mechanism sorts the screws and distributes the screws through the distributor, and the pipes send the screws to electric or pneumatic screwdrivers;
Step 3: Use electric or pneumatic screwdrivers to lock the screws into the locking system in the product.

Advantages of automatic lock mesin sekrup
1. Handheld automatic screw delivery machine
Compared with the action of holding the screw in one hand, the electric screwdriver or the air screwdriver in one hand, the automatic screw-feeding machine can free one hand, and only need a hand-held screwdriver to align the screw with the screw hole. After locking a screw, just lift the screwdriver and align the screw with the next screw hole. The machine will automatically transfer a screw to the screwdriver at the moment of lifting the screwdriver, waiting for the next screw to be locked, and so on. 1. Hand-held automatic screw-locking machine, screw conveying and locking in one go, no longer take screws by hand. The screwing speed is 40-60PCS / MIN, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor. You can play as fast as you can!
2. Each time a screw is hit, the feeding mechanism will automatically send the screw to the batch nozzle, eliminating the need to manually grasp the screw, move and align the screw.
3. As long as it is directly aligned with the screw hole position, the screw will be locked with a light press, without repeated feeding, locking one by one, which is convenient and fast.
4. It can be equipped with the original electric batch and wind batch. There is no need to purchase a new electric batch and wind batch. The torque adjustment is the same as your original adjustment method, saving the purchase cost!

5. The electric screwdriver cover is quite light, so don’t worry about increasing the fatigue of the workers because the head is too heavy!

6. It can be operated in a single machine or can be configured into a pipeline. The form of loading and unloading. Quickly improve the quality of the screw lock and greatly improve the production efficiency.

7. Hand-held lock screw machine is used in automatic assembly lines in the electronics industry, such as mobile phones, hard disks, keyboards, computers, DVD appliances, fan electronics, plastics, toys, electrical appliances, communications equipment, electrical appliances, toys, electronic processing plants.

Second, the automatic lock screw machine

On the basis of the automatic feeding of the hand-held automatic screw-feeding screw machine, functions such as a mechanical arm or an assembly line, a workbench, and automatic control positioning are added. Unmanned monitoring can be implemented according to customer site requirements, which not only saves labor costs but also improves production and assembly efficiency.

Can be designed as a horizontal, oblique and multi-directional lock delivery mechanism to meet a variety of production needs;

Intelligent-continuous feeding, constant torque, optional counting function, anti-missing function, screw sliding teeth and floating lock detection;

The two stations are automatically connected, and can be designed with an automatic assembly line. There is no need to manually transfer the workpiece, the workpiece is automatically in place, the screws are automatically tightened, and the next process is automatically entered;

Special models can be designed according to customer product characteristics.

Below is a picture of a fully automatic screw machine. The machine is a single-axis screw machine. You can use a computer to control the position of the screw. Enter the cad drawings in the computer and he will perform the screwing process according to the program. In addition to the single-axis type, there are also multi-axis screw machines.

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