Introduction Of Screw Machine

The screw machine is composed of a feeding system and a locking system. The feeding part is also called a screw arrangement machine. The screw supply machine is a relatively simple type of small screws arranged in a row for the purpose of improving work efficiency. Automation equipment is widely used in the electronics industry. One machine can be applied to a variety of screws

The size of the screw has a certain adjustment space. It ranges from M1 to M8, and there are operable spaces for special screws, designed separately.

1: 1 short screws, screws with gaskets can be used universally!

Easy to adjust the track! The track of the screw machine can be drawn out and adjusted freely! Simple and easy to understand, easy to operate!

The current screw machine technology is very mature, so the phenomenon of stuck screw machine has rarely happened again. If there is a phenomenon of missing screws, they will automatically alarm, so the phenomenon of unnecessary work done by workers is reduced.

The current screw machine equipment is independently controlled in the feeding system and vibration drive, and the ideal delay stop time can be set freely. When an abnormal situation occurs, the screw machine will start the fault alarm function! The operation is as simple as other screw machines!

◎ When removing the screw, as long as the head of the screw is placed in the guide of the bit, slide down the guide, and then pull the screw toward the front.

◎ Compared with the traditional screw disk, each screw can save 1.4 seconds of time and the productivity can reach 6 times!

◎ Easy to operate, even novices can immediately learn how to operate

◎ No need to align the screws, just put the screws into the feeding room in batches

◎ Widely used in various electronic industries, automobiles, televisions, air conditioners and other industries that require screws.

Post time: 2020-04-23