Vida mashinasining ishlash muddatini qanday uzaytirish mumkin?

How to extend the life of the screw machine?

Har qanday mashina va jihozlarni muntazam ravishda tozalash va texnik xizmat ko'rsatish kerak. If the time is long, the machine and equipment are easily damaged, and the service life is greatly shortened. Therefore, when using the automatic lock screw machine, daily cleaning and maintenance are also required. The specific operation method is as follows: If not in use for a long time, please turn off the power. Periodically energize and check performance. Periodically clean the outer surface of the case of the automatic lock screw machine. If it is not used for a long time, wipe it with an oily cloth as much as possible, and get as little water as possible. Clean the screw track periodically to ensure that the screw is smooth in the track. Periodically clean the screw bin, and generally use high pressure gas to blow out the residue in the bin. Clean the feeding system periodically to ensure the feeding system is smooth. It is recommended to add some grease to the moving part. Keep the automatic locking screw machine ventilated and dry. Check frequently, if you have any problems with the use or need repairs, iltimos, vaqtida ishlab chiqaruvchiga murojaat qiling, do not disassemble by yourself.

Post vaqti: 2020-02-19