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Two problems that are easy to ignore in screw machines

1. From the design and principle of the automatic lock screw machine, it does not have any major shortcomings in itself, but many times we will ignore a problem, that is, screw quality! Domestic screw manufacturers produce more defective screws than foreign countries. For example, big heads, flat heads, and front-ends are the killers of automatic locking screw machines. They are fatal to automatic locking screw machines, so when choosing screws Questions that deserve our serious consideration.

2. First of all, we need to understand the reasons for the slipping of the locking screws. The most important are the card machine, the sliding teeth (not locked), and the flower head. These are caused by the poor quality of the screws. Or it is caused by the manufacturer changing the design size in order to solve the poor quality of the screw. For most screw machine manufacturers, it can not be solved, it is a fatal disease! !! !! The other is the problems caused by the machine itself, such as the materials used, the process used, and the brand used by the electronic parts. However, these are not very big problems, because capable manufacturers can solve this problem. The jamming machine is caused by defective screws. The so-called sliding teeth and flower heads are caused by two reasons. The first is the design and structural problems of the machine itself. The second is that screw machine manufacturers have increased all screw machine channels in order to solve the above-mentioned special-shaped screws, including electric screwdrivers.

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Post time: 2020-02-19
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